Saturday, July 22, 2017

Where I'm Bound

Take Three was an Adventist singing group with a folksy kind of sound. I heard a Christian radio guy compare them to Peter, Paul & Mary and they do have that kind of soft harmony, guitar and vocals sound. This is obviously taken from an old recording. You can still find their music if you do a little searching.  Bonnie Casey, the group's lead singer, still has the original recordings and sell CD versions of the original vinyl LPs.  You can buy the CDs here at this link.

Like The Wedgwood Trio, Bonnie and the gang took some heat from the traditional-hymns-only wing of the church and sadly disbanded and went their own way. The music is still lovely. Where I'm Bound is one of my favorites. Someone made this video with the music behind some lovely nature pictures. I wish the group had gone on to produce more music. They were certainly headed in a direction that I liked.


It's a pity they didn't produce more music than they did. 



  1. Take Three did this album and a second one while they were attending Pacific Union College. But after graduation they all went different directions in their lives. They realized that it's hard to make a living in the music business, and turned to careers. Bonnie became an English teacher. Steve became a pastor and eventually started his own ministry which is still going over in Europe. Lauren went into Media Design, and has his own design firm today. Ed Wright (bass player) became a pastor and today is the conference president at Georgia-Cumberland. Bonnie teamed up with two of the Evans young men and made two albums while she was teaching English in So. California. All of the albums are currently for sale through digital download on the Internet.