Sunday, May 14, 2017

August Winds - Another Song About Boats

As you may have guessed, I'm a big fan of boats. This song is a folksy one by Sting that was part of an album that explores his Celtic roots. Sting has somehow turned into a respectable looking older guy, for an old rocker. He's certainly aged better than a lot of his contemporaries. This is a beautiful song about the comings and goings of fishing boats and fishermen. I love this music. It captures the spirit of people that feel familiar to me. Some of my ancestors lived on Scottish islands and in coastal cities of Scotland and Ireland. There were likely fishermen among them. I don't exactly believe in racial memory, but I think some of the traces of a deeply ingrained culture are passed along from generation to generation. It would explain why I'm drawn to the water. I love boats and I like fishing and fishing paraphernalia, even though my sympathies are entirely with the fish. I like to fish, but not so much actually catching them. There's a rhythm to casting the bait and reeling it in. I throw most fish back, although I would someday like to hook a tuna. 

Here's Sting doing an acoustic set with August Winds.     - Tom

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